Expert teaching in 3D printing industry

Teacher HHC Hsin Hang Chung

  • Founder of 3D Printing Company
  • Led the development of 5 iNDAS 3D printers
  • 8 years of experience in 3D printer research and teaching
  • Graduated from a product design program
  • Russian Invention Exhibition Gold Medal

Before Driving,

Attend Driving School;

Same Goes for

3D Printing!

Over the years, I have sold thousands of 3D printers and found that most beginners encounter difficulties on their first try. This made me realize that a 3D printer is not just a machine; it's more like a car that needs to be driven. Just like we attend driving school before hitting the road to gain necessary knowledge and skills, 3D printing also requires specialized learning. It's not something you can master by just reading the manual; the most effective way is to watch a demonstration of the actual operation and then try it yourself.

If you have ever tried to repair a machine by yourself but failed, felt confused when searching for information online, or hesitated to learn because of fear of failure, don't worry.

"3D Printing Master Class" is like a "driving school" for 3D printing, where you will learn how to "drive" on the "creative road".

I have faced these challenges myself, but after exchanging ideas with 3D printing experts and peers, I quickly mastered the technology. Once I acquired this skill, I realized the endless possibilities it offers. It feels like getting a driver's license at 18, free to ride a motorcycle and explore the world.

Therefore, I have launched this Master 3D Printing Course, hoping that more people can, like learning to drive, realize their creativity and dreams in the field of 3D printing through professional guidance and practice.

Operate 3D Printer from Scratch

Easily learn basic 3D printing operations, printing... and essential skills, ready to enjoy the fun of 3D printing immediately after completion.

Practical Tips for Cura Slicing Software

Understand the impact of various slicing settings. The course covers adjustments such as layer height, infill density, support structures, allowing you to optimize settings for different printing needs.

Maintenance and Adjustment

Learn how to maintain, adjust 3D printers for optimal performance. Topics include machine calibration, part replacement, lubrication, practical skills. Through hands-on practice, you'll troubleshoot common printing issues, ensuring long-term printer stability.

This course is closed for enrollment.